Skate has some built-in property definitions to help you with defining consistent property behaviour within your components. All built-in properties are functions that return a property definition.


You are able to pass options to these properties to override built-in behaviour, or to define extra options that would normally be supported by a Skate property definition.

You can easily define a new property by calling skate.prop.create() as a function and passing it the default options for the property. All built-in properties are created using this method.

const myNewProp = skate.prop.create({ ... });
myNewProp({ ... });

Built-in properties are accessed on the skate.prop namespace:

  coerce () {
    // coerce it differently than the default way
  set () {
    // do something when set

Generally built-in properties return a definition containing default, coerce, deserialize and serialize options.

*Empty values are defined as null or undefined. All empty values, if the property accepts them, are normalised to null.

Properties are only linked to attributes if the attribute option is set. Each built-in property, if possible, will supply a deserialize and serialize option but will not be linked by default.


The array property ensures that any value passed to the property is an array. Serialisation and deserialisation happen using JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse(), respectively, if the property is linked to an attribute.


The boolean property allows you to define a property that should always have a boolean value to mirror the behaviour of boolean properties / attributes in HTML. By default it is false. If an empty value is passed, then the value is false. If a boolean property is linked to an attribute, the attribute will have no value and its presence indicates whether or not it is true (present) or false (absent).


Ensures the value is a Number and is correctly linked to an attribute. Numeric string values such as '10' will be converted to a Number. Non-numeric string values will be converted to undefined. The value will default to 0 if an empty value is passed.


Ensures the value is always a String and is correctly linked to an attribute. Empty values are not coerced to strings.

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