props (elem[, props])

The props function is a getter or setter depending on if you specify the second argument. If you do not provide props, then the current state of the component is returned. If you pass props, then the current state of the component is set. When you set state, the component will re-render synchronously only if it needs to be re-rendered.

Component state is derived from the declared properties. It will only ever return properties that are defined in the props object. However, when you set state, whatever state you specify will be set even if they're not declared in props.

import { define, props } from 'skatejs';

class Elem extends skate.Component {
  static get props () {
    return {
      prop1: {}
customElements.define('my-element', Elem);
const elem = new Elem();

// Set any property you want.
props(elem, {
  prop1: 'value 1',
  prop2: 'value 2'

// Only returns props you've defined on your component.
// { prop1: 'value 1' }

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